Star Wars.


First, I’m gonna be very honest. I’m a total Star Wars nerd.

Or, I was…

Star Wars is definitely my favorite movie series. The first actual memory I have of watching Star Wars is when I was a kid and Star Wars: A New Hope came on t.v. late at night. My parents let me stay up and watch it when I started begging…I think they understood.

It is so interesting how much of an effect one movie can have on a person’s life. I no longer follow Star Wars – having neither the time or passionate inclination I once had- but there was a time where I had A LOT of action figures and vehicles. I received monthly Star Wars Insider magazines and read all the Expanded Universe books. It really was an obsession.

What is really interesting is that I think I pulled away important lessons from reading the Expanded Universe novels. From whom would I pull lessons from in the Expanded Universe? The Jedi, of course. They are gifted with a great deal of power in the franchise but choose to wield it for good. They are expected to never misuse it to promote their own agenda. To them having to take a life is the result of a failure of all other options. They are kind, modest, and have a strong desire to help others.

And what better role model to have than Luke Skywalker.

He even does the Captain Morgan pose!


He is calm, confident, and powerful. Others look towards him for advice and trust him explicitly. Are those not some of the factors of a successful life? They are certainly qualities people look for in our leaders. He also has trustworthy friends who would do anything to help him. I know those are the kind of friends with which I have attempted to surround myself (I’d say I was marginally successful….). He also can do every awesome things like have lightsaber fights, chase people on speeders, and fly X-Wings. What a badass. So, hearing all of this, who wouldn’t respond, “Jedi!” when their teacher asked what they wanted to do for a living? The question was simple and had no stipulations attached! And don’t we all hear as kids that we can be anything we want!?

Apparently they don’t mean it.

Yea. Thanks for the letter to my parents, Mrs. Reeves.

My aspirations died that day. (Just kidding!)

Anyway, Star Wars occupied a lot of my energy and free time when I was younger. Of course I still had friends and was interested in girls but I probably would have gotten in a lot more trouble as a kid without such a great hobby. At the end of the day that was really what Star Wars was to me: a phenomenal, life-changing hobby.

And I love my life. So if you think you’re missing something in life or have too much free time….try Star Wars!


(Note: Teacher’s name changed. Events may have been slightly modified so as to make said teacher seem evil! The letter actually may or may not have been a result of my causing trouble all day and culminating in the  joking response to a serious assignment that pushed my teacher over the edge…)


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