Or should I say Obamacare. Amirite?

Anyway, health care seems to be a pretty hot topic. The way I see it, why not talk about it? Let’s get it all out in the open. Not the facts, of course. Because both sides tend to just throw out facts that support their side. What I always end up wondering is how can both sides have facts that make them unequivocally right? Surely someone has to be wrong…

Let’s start with the perception of health care reform:

Naturally, that means let’s talk “death panels”.

Poor Aunt Martha. Least it wasn’t bad news…

Okay, so maybe death panels are a bit farfetched. (A bit???)

The point is it did what the Republicans wanted it to. It scared the hell out of the public who did not want to do the research on the proposed health care plan. Applaud Palin if you really want. (Please don’t.)

Death panels aside, however, most people tend to view the new health care in a rather negative light. This is my observation from my region, however.

Perception: negative.

Correlation does not imply causation.

I totally agree health care needed to be improved. But, if you are trying to pass a new health care bill you better be able to tell me why yours is worthy of my support and how it benefits the American people. Simply telling me, “Well, conservatives aren’t passing anything so you should support this because at least it is something,” is simply asinine. I heard that so much, too. Well, at least it is something.

Furthermore, telling me certain health care plans worked for other countries so we should do it here is asinine too, in my opinion. Does that country have the largest GDP in the world? Does that country have 300 million+ citizens?

I’m just curious…because unless their system is very similar to ours then it is very difficult to theorize results.

The Problem

I think most people secretly know what is the real problem. It’s not that the public didn’t want health care reform. And it’s not that the public didn’t want a lot of the things in the new health care reform.

It’s that our government treated health care reform like the Indy-freaking-500. That is honestly what pisses me off the most. Why the hell could we not take this a little slower? Maybe take some time to research everything and educate the public first.

Ugh. And, of course, because no one in Washington had time to properly educate themselves on the bill (what with it being so massive) they simply voted based on party affiliation.

And then the kicker is the major components don’t really even kick in until 2014. Why!? You rush health care through. Sigh. Then give Republicans 4 years to give it their best shot at repealing the bill.



Honestly, if the health care reform actually works I won’t be upset. It’s not like I’m pulling for it to fail like most Republicans. I genuinely want health care reform to work. I’ll be very, very happy if it actually cuts down our deficit by as much as President Obama says it will.

But I definitely wouldn’t bet on that. In my experience work hastily scrambled together and turned in never gets a good grade.


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