It occurred to me today that I never said “thank you” for everything you have done for me.  But, more and more- and with everything you do- I am feeling the need to say it.


Thank you. For everything.

Thank you for making me mad at times.

Thank you for making me sad at times.

Thank you for making me glad at times.

Thank you for making me confused at times.

But…. most importantly, THANK YOU for making me so, so happy all the time!


Thank you for choosing me.

Thank you for wanting me.

Thank you for spending time with me.

Thank you for being kind to me.

But…most importantly, THANK YOU for loving me!


Yes, our relationship may seem more like a roller coaster than a freeway at times………..but honestly……….riding on the freeway can get rather boring at times with only the gradual ups and downs. And the only reason we can fall so far on the roller coaster ride is because we’ve been taken so high up.

The best roller coasters are the ones that leave you wanting to get back in line and do it all over again when its over. Kate, we’ve been dating for 114 days-and every single morning I wake up absolutely excited to do it all over again. And I’m really not all that much of a morning person. But how can I not be energetic and happy in the mornings when I know I am waking up next to someone so beautiful and amazing?



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