Star Wars.


First, I’m gonna be very honest. I’m a total Star Wars nerd.

Or, I was…

Star Wars is definitely my favorite movie series. The first actual memory I have of watching Star Wars is when I was a kid and Star Wars: A New Hope came on t.v. late at night. My parents let me stay up and watch it when I started begging…I think they understood.

It is so interesting how much of an effect one movie can have on a person’s life. I no longer follow Star Wars – having neither the time or passionate inclination I once had- but there was a time where I had A LOT of action figures and vehicles. I received monthly Star Wars Insider magazines and read all the Expanded Universe books. It really was an obsession.

What is really interesting is that I think I pulled away important lessons from reading the Expanded Universe novels. From whom would I pull lessons from in the Expanded Universe? The Jedi, of course. They are gifted with a great deal of power in the franchise but choose to wield it for good. They are expected to never misuse it to promote their own agenda. To them having to take a life is the result of a failure of all other options. They are kind, modest, and have a strong desire to help others.

And what better role model to have than Luke Skywalker.

He even does the Captain Morgan pose!


He is calm, confident, and powerful. Others look towards him for advice and trust him explicitly. Are those not some of the factors of a successful life? They are certainly qualities people look for in our leaders. He also has trustworthy friends who would do anything to help him. I know those are the kind of friends with which I have attempted to surround myself (I’d say I was marginally successful….). He also can do every awesome things like have lightsaber fights, chase people on speeders, and fly X-Wings. What a badass. So, hearing all of this, who wouldn’t respond, “Jedi!” when their teacher asked what they wanted to do for a living? The question was simple and had no stipulations attached! And don’t we all hear as kids that we can be anything we want!?

Apparently they don’t mean it.

Yea. Thanks for the letter to my parents, Mrs. Reeves.

My aspirations died that day. (Just kidding!)

Anyway, Star Wars occupied a lot of my energy and free time when I was younger. Of course I still had friends and was interested in girls but I probably would have gotten in a lot more trouble as a kid without such a great hobby. At the end of the day that was really what Star Wars was to me: a phenomenal, life-changing hobby.

And I love my life. So if you think you’re missing something in life or have too much free time….try Star Wars!


(Note: Teacher’s name changed. Events may have been slightly modified so as to make said teacher seem evil! The letter actually may or may not have been a result of my causing trouble all day and culminating in the  joking response to a serious assignment that pushed my teacher over the edge…)


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Or should I say Obamacare. Amirite?

Anyway, health care seems to be a pretty hot topic. The way I see it, why not talk about it? Let’s get it all out in the open. Not the facts, of course. Because both sides tend to just throw out facts that support their side. What I always end up wondering is how can both sides have facts that make them unequivocally right? Surely someone has to be wrong…

Let’s start with the perception of health care reform:

Naturally, that means let’s talk “death panels”.

Poor Aunt Martha. Least it wasn’t bad news…

Okay, so maybe death panels are a bit farfetched. (A bit???)

The point is it did what the Republicans wanted it to. It scared the hell out of the public who did not want to do the research on the proposed health care plan. Applaud Palin if you really want. (Please don’t.)

Death panels aside, however, most people tend to view the new health care in a rather negative light. This is my observation from my region, however.

Perception: negative.

Correlation does not imply causation.

I totally agree health care needed to be improved. But, if you are trying to pass a new health care bill you better be able to tell me why yours is worthy of my support and how it benefits the American people. Simply telling me, “Well, conservatives aren’t passing anything so you should support this because at least it is something,” is simply asinine. I heard that so much, too. Well, at least it is something.

Furthermore, telling me certain health care plans worked for other countries so we should do it here is asinine too, in my opinion. Does that country have the largest GDP in the world? Does that country have 300 million+ citizens?

I’m just curious…because unless their system is very similar to ours then it is very difficult to theorize results.

The Problem

I think most people secretly know what is the real problem. It’s not that the public didn’t want health care reform. And it’s not that the public didn’t want a lot of the things in the new health care reform.

It’s that our government treated health care reform like the Indy-freaking-500. That is honestly what pisses me off the most. Why the hell could we not take this a little slower? Maybe take some time to research everything and educate the public first.

Ugh. And, of course, because no one in Washington had time to properly educate themselves on the bill (what with it being so massive) they simply voted based on party affiliation.

And then the kicker is the major components don’t really even kick in until 2014. Why!? You rush health care through. Sigh. Then give Republicans 4 years to give it their best shot at repealing the bill.



Honestly, if the health care reform actually works I won’t be upset. It’s not like I’m pulling for it to fail like most Republicans. I genuinely want health care reform to work. I’ll be very, very happy if it actually cuts down our deficit by as much as President Obama says it will.

But I definitely wouldn’t bet on that. In my experience work hastily scrambled together and turned in never gets a good grade.


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So, one of the things I really enjoy doing is reading the SoundOffs at

Why? Because, it is highly amusing to watch people get so frustrated over football and spout hatred at each other. Check it out some time.

The most hilarious one, however, has nothing to do with either school. In fact, this person is attempting to make fun of those commenting as I am. The problem?

I’ll show you.


“You know whats sad? People that live vicariously through college football kids because they don’t have a life of their own! Reading these posts from “assumed” adults will make a sane adult want to vomit. Do you people have NO life whatsoever? Do you realize that the college kids you live your lives through do not even know you exist? Some real immature people on here need to GET A LIFE! I am assuming that most of you have NEVER done or accomplished anything yourself, so you live through college kids. And, by the way, how many plays will YOU play in the Iron Bowl? Geesh!!!! Losers.”

Now, all a lot of what he/she says is true. People do tend to go overboard in the sport. But let me just point at that the purpose of a SoundOff is to get Auburn and Alabama fans blasting each other to generate views and attention. And sales. Clearly, it works. But let’s just take this guy’s rant line by line.

*Start notes*

“You know whats sad? People that live vicariously through college football kids because they don’t have a life of their own!”

He has a point. But he started it rather rudely. And ended with an exclamation mark. Those should be reserved for surprises and shockers. His statement just rudely states people don’t have a life of their own and isn’t particularly true.

“Reading these posts from “assumed” adults will make a sane adult want to vomit. Do you people have NO life whatsoever?”

Come on now, what actual adult would say that sentence? Then, back to the childish and trollish claim that the commenters have no life. My personal favorite seeing as how he is a commenter…and not even a fan of either team. Ah, sweet hypocrisy.

*Skip the middle mess, it’s boring.*

“I am assuming that most of you have NEVER done or accomplished anything yourself, so you live through college kids. And, by the way, how many plays will YOU play in the Iron Bowl? Geesh!!!! Losers.”

Assume away, asshole. You know what they say about assumptions. Capped ‘never’, of course. Classic troll move. Just to highlight the fact that he/she is trying to be insulting. I mean, that’s made obvious when he calls the other commenters ‘losers’. But I can’t get over the use of ‘Geesh’. Geesh? Really? I mean, really? Then more exclamation marks to cap off his heart felt speech.

*End notes*

Apparently, this guy feels so strongly that people overreact when it comes to college sports that he decided to go to and click on the SoundOffs. He further decided to read the comments. Finally, he decided he was such a hardworking and busy person and had such a life that he would post a comment. And that, readers, is a lesson in hypocrisy.

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Last week I went to our football team’s away game at Ole Miss. The drive was fun. The tailgating was fun. And the game was fun. But, there was one dark spot on my day. When we entered the stadium and found our section, row, and seats we learned that people had already taken them and those seats all around them.

Well, not wanting to fight through that crowd to get to our seats (the add on to the stadium was very space-inefficient) we decided to take the two closest seats we could find on the next row up. Another reason we chose to do this was because every single person around us was not in their assigned seat, either… one older couple behind us (you’ll hear about them in a bit).

Now, enter the family from hell.

We have seats 6 and 7. Turns out this family has seats 1-6. They walked right up to me-no, my girlfriend-and rudely state that we are in their seats followed by the words, “You need to move now.” Now, it’s worth clarifying that these aren’t actual seats; it’s just a row of bleachers with numbers spaced evenly apart for designated “seats”.

I immediately put my girlfriend on the other side of me and explain to them that someone has our seats and we cannot even get to our seats because so many people are between us and our seats and the stadium is so tiny. I’m talking so tiny that when I sit down I have to turn at an angle or else my knees are in the back of the guy in front of me. Back to the story, though. So, we exchange some not so kind words and they finally leave us alone after we scoot over enough to take up maybe a fourth of seat 6.

Enter the people who hold seat 7 and 8. Now, seats 8-11 are also held by people who are not in their assigned seats. But because the owners of seat 7 and 8 are to my right I have to deal with them. Guess what? They are cool with it. They know how it goes. No doubt from sitting in the student section at our games in Auburn. (It’s first come first serve there). They actually take two seats behind us and at an angle. No muss no fuss. Problem averted.

This is where that older couple I mentioned in the introduction comes in. I can’t say enough about how kind they were. They moved over enough to let those two sit by them. They talked to them and mentioned how they had saw us try to get to our seats and that we really had nowhere to sit.

But, here is the kicker. While discussing arrangements with those two guys the family to my right (more specifically the wife) decides to become involved in it all. That didn’t go well…especially since it wasn’t their business. She decides to try and tell me we need to move. I sigh and tell her if it’s still a problem to her than she is welcome to go find a police officer or stadium employee and we can sort this all out. I mean, I would love to actually have my assigned seats. She scoffs and says I need to find the officer since I have a problem.

This was my favorite part-I laughed. And while chuckling I told her I didn’t have a problem…..she did. After all, she was the aggressive initiator.  Finally her son, who goes to Auburn, asked her to calm down and she turned away from me.

Now, I understand we were partially in one of their seats. And they had every right to ask us to move. But, to be a total ass about it and try to force me to move only made my resolve to stay that much stronger. I’m just the type person where if someone is nice and obliging I will work with them. But, I’m also the type to purposefully be stubborn and not cooperate with someone who has no respect for me and thinks they can bully me. The guys behind us….if they had said they really need these seats they have nowhere else and where they are is too cramped….I would have looked at Katelynn and said, “We need to find another spot.” Not kidding-they were awesome. And they are in the right.

What the family should have done was get a cop or official that worked in the stadium. Hell, the stadium even had a sign for a number you text when there are seating problems.  I wouldn’t have minded at all if an official of some sort came because he/she could have solved our seating problem, as well. But, I refused to be bullied. Period. And this family was trying to bully me out of the seat instead of asking politely.

Why didn’t I just call the officials in the first place? Because we actually got to the game rather early. It’s just our seats were in the middle and that was the area everyone congregated to for seats. So at the time the outer areas were wide open. Add that to the fact that everyone around me was saying how no one was in their assigned seats and I never thought it’d be a problem. In my mind, whoever had my seat…..well, someone had theirs, who in turn had theirs, and so on down the line. Everyone had a seat available somewhere in the stadium. That is evidenced by the tickets. I never dreamed it would become a nightmare until this family entered the picture.

But after the game I realized something. Yes, there are jerks in the world. And they will not ask you politely. They will not be nice. And they will harass you. But there are also really great people in the world. People who work with you. Help you out. Cut you some slack. See someone with a problem and do their best to make things right. It’s a balance. And in the end everything worked out. As it always will.



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My view of politicians (in general):

Boy: Dad, what’s politics?
Dad: Let me set an example with our family. I have all the money so we’ll call me the management. Mom receives most of it so we’ll call her the government. We’ll call the maid the working class, you are the people, and your baby brother is the future. Do you understand now son?

Boy: I still don’t understand dad.

Dad: Think about it for a while son.

That night the boy wakes up because his baby brother is crying. He goes in and finds out he’s soiled his diapers. He goes to tell his mom but she’s asleep he goes in to the maids room but she’s in there having sex with his dad. He bangs on the door but no one can here him.

The next day…

Son: Dad I understand politics now.

Dad: Good, explain it to me in your own words son.

Son: The management is screwing the working class while the government’s fast asleep. The people are being ignored and the future is full of SH*T!

Four years ago, my brother ran for state senator.
What does he do now?
Nothing. He got elected.

Why don’t we ever hear of a thief stealing from a politician’s house?
Professional courtesy.


That about sums up the average politician. I do think there are some honest, good ones. Maybe their policies aren’t ones I agree with; but I think they have good intentions. In fact, that is how I summarize my opinion of President Obama. Good intentions; bad follow through.

In this era of mud slinging and trash talking who are we to trust? How can you choose any one candidate when the opposing candidate is making false claims about the other one. Which claims are true?

Honest, on the radio this is a snippet of what Ron Sparks said about Robert Bentley:

“….Bentley wants to tax nursing home beds…”

Sparks then went on to claim this equated to Bentley hating old people or not fighting for them or something like that. It’s a little fuzzy now. More or less, it made me laugh.

He also said Bentley wants to regulate and change gaming and hunting laws. Sparks then chuckled a little and said how sad that was that Bentley would focus on such things in our current economic situation. As if Bentley can only have one item on his to-do-list.

Seriously, if I even saw a tiny bit of Sparks’ grocery list I’d go after him for putting toilet paper higher on the list than milk. “Guess someone doesn’t support our local farmers enough,” is what I would say.

I then started wondering what I would say about my candidate if I was running for governor. Then it hit me.

Me (on air):

My opponent supports the ‘blah blah’ Bill that takes away funding for animal shelters. Do you know what that means? My oppenent wants to kill kittens. Can you believe that?  Kill cute, furry, baby kittens.

All it ever wanted was to be loved by a family.

Win. I don’t care if it’s an energy bill. I will find a way to equate that to killing kittens! And people will be angered.

Now, I’m not throwing my support behind Robert Bentley here by going after Ron Sparks. For all I know he has made some of the same claims in commercials. And I would love to make fun of them, too. I’m just pointing out the ridiculousness of campaigns.

So, how are we to choose a candidate?

Flip a coin? Nah, that’ll just make people at the voting booth angry (for some reason…and you are voting after all-they didn’t stipulate how).

Watch the debates? Possibly, you can sometimes learn some useful information. However, it usually just turns into a argument over he/she wants to do such and such to our state rather than what I want to do. This in turn causes the other person to rebuttal and say what the other person really wants to do. After an hour of watching you can’t ever recall what each person even stood for to begin with.

Or, you can adopt my method: read the Wikipedia articles on them. Read about their life leading up to becoming a politician. Then choose the person you feel has morals and ethical guidelines. Also, note how long they have been a politician….because that will clue you in as to how long their morals and ethics have been declining. You have to take that into account.

If they don’t have a Wikipedia page (for more local elections on the ballot) then just choose by which name sounds nicer and more fluid.

Politically yours,


(Note: It isn’t advised to follow all of the suggestions mentioned in this article. Learning about your local candidates is important as it can determine your regional policies and growth/development.)

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It occurred to me today that I never said “thank you” for everything you have done for me.  But, more and more- and with everything you do- I am feeling the need to say it.


Thank you. For everything.

Thank you for making me mad at times.

Thank you for making me sad at times.

Thank you for making me glad at times.

Thank you for making me confused at times.

But…. most importantly, THANK YOU for making me so, so happy all the time!


Thank you for choosing me.

Thank you for wanting me.

Thank you for spending time with me.

Thank you for being kind to me.

But…most importantly, THANK YOU for loving me!


Yes, our relationship may seem more like a roller coaster than a freeway at times………..but honestly……….riding on the freeway can get rather boring at times with only the gradual ups and downs. And the only reason we can fall so far on the roller coaster ride is because we’ve been taken so high up.

The best roller coasters are the ones that leave you wanting to get back in line and do it all over again when its over. Kate, we’ve been dating for 114 days-and every single morning I wake up absolutely excited to do it all over again. And I’m really not all that much of a morning person. But how can I not be energetic and happy in the mornings when I know I am waking up next to someone so beautiful and amazing?



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So I’ve been rather lazy about blogging after I told myself I would diligently strive to blog daily. Fail. I suppose that’s what happens when you lead a normal life.

I have decided to try a different format then. Starting tomorrow I’m just going to pick daily random topics and write about them. Maybe throw in something related to my days events or my past just to add a more personal touch.

This way I won’t become quite so lazy with blogging. Actually, tomorrow’s topic will have to be the election. I just can’t resist. But, don’t worry, I won’t bore you with which candidate I think is most likely to trample on my rights or bring our country back to such-and-such point.  I’ll just tell you my secret to voting.

Catch you then,


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